2012: 9th edition

august 30
september 8

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Awards for Venice Days Selections
Queer Lion Award 2012
The collateral prize for the best film with a homosexual and queer culture theme at the 69th Venice International Film Festival has been bestowed on The Weight by Jeon Kyu-hwan.
The jury, headed by filmmakers Daniele Coluccini and Matteo Botrugno, and composed of Daniel N. Casagrande, the creator of the queer lion, and Marco Busato, general delegate of the cultural association CinemArte, were unanimous in their decision to bestow the award on The Weight
"for skilfully conveying, in an extreme yet poetic and convincing style, an extraordinary range of themes which are often absolute taboos; and for showing, firmly and without smugness, an assortment of characters living on the edge, searching for a small corner of the world where they can live without being judged for being different."
The Civitas Vitae Award
The jury presided over by the writer Antonia Arslan and composed of Censis president Giuseppe De Rita, the musician Claudio Scimone, the former editor of Sole 24Ore and director-general of the RAI, Gianni Locatelli, Banca Prossima CEO Marco Morganti, filmmakers Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio, and the film critic Federico Pontiggia, has bestowed the Civitas Vitae Award on Costanza Quatriglio for Terramatta;, releasing the following statement:
"Reworking the Italian diary by the semi-illiterate Sicilian Vincenzo Rabito (1899-1981) for the screen, Costanza Quatriglio evokes the priceless legacy of longevity in her intensely poetic, visually absorbing film: by no means a one-way moral example, but inescapably ambivalent, a moral chiaroscuro with many lessons to be learned to avoid repeating the sins of the fathers, and grandfathers as well."
The Lina Mangiacapre Award
The jury composed of Valerio Caprara, Fabio Ferzetti, Titta Fiore, Heike Hurst, Simone Manceau, Franco Mariotti, Romano Milani, and Matilde Tortora has assigned the award to the film Queen of Montreuil by Sòlveig Anspach, releasing the following statement:
"For using originality and irony to show how it is possible to overcome desperation and solitude by welcoming others and taking part in their lives, creating female characters who are able to ‘make poetry'".

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