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03/09/2012 h 19:30Pasinetti
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Il Novecento italiano di Vincenzo Rabito analfabeta siciliano

by Costanza Quatriglio
world premiere
Italy, 2012, 75', HD, colour, bw
screenplay Chiara Ottaviano, Costanza Quatriglio
cinematography Sabrina Varani
editing Letizia Caudullo
music Paolo Buonvino
narrator Roberto Nobile
with Turi, Tano e Giovanni Rabito
producer Chiara Ottaviano
production Cliomedia Officina
coproduction Istituto Luce Cinecittà
associate producers Elena Filippini, Edoardo Fracchia, Stefano Tealdi
in association with Stefilm
distribution Istituto Luce Cinecittà
Via Tuscolana 1055, 00173 Roma, Italia
Tel. +39 06 72286271
Terramatta; is a symphony of landscapes - old and new, near and far - filmed with the help of electronic music and archives. The story is brought to life by Vincenzo Rabito, an illiterate Sicilian, through a blend of imaginary, musical language - neither Italian nor dialect. A striking storyteller, he recounts Italian twentieth century history through thousands of dictated, tightly written, rope-bound pages, tracing the extremes of a century marked by poverty and economic boom, disgrace and redemption. Rabito gives an impassioned and unique autobiographical perspective on a complicated part of Italian history, forcing his audience to face up to contradictory and uncomfortable truths.
"Rabito, the storyteller, marches through a century of collective events penetrating them with the ink of his grammatically incorrect pen. Thanks to this, official historiographical interpretations are constantly contradicted. I have reinvented the meaning of black and white films, dirtying them with blue, green, red and yellow ink. Terramatta; is a subjective, on the road kind of film - because he was a road traveller… He went everywhere on foot, and I filmed streets thinking about how he saw them. Long, dusty roads, soft and silent backstreets; an obstinate and solitary pace - just like the tip-tapping of his typewriter." (Costanza Quatriglio)
Costanza Quatriglio (Palermo, Italy 1973) is a law graduate, with a diploma in film directing from the Experimental Centre for Film-Making (Centro Sperimentale per la Cinematografia). While Quatriglio started her career as a full-length film director at the Quinzaine des Realisateurs in 2003 with L'Isola, she is also the director of many critically acclaimed documentary films. These include Ècosaimale?, which was awarded the Jury Prize at the Turin festival in 2000, L'insonnia di Devi in 2001, Racconti per l'isola, presented at the Venice Film Festival in 2003, Raìz, a three-part miniseries shown on Italian national television in 2004, Il mondo addosso, presented at the Rome Film Festival in 2006, Il mio cuore umano, a special production for the International Locarno Festival in 2009, Breve film d'amore e libertà, presented at the Rome International Film Festival in 2010 and Io, qui lo sguardo delle donne in 2012.


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