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03/09/2012 h 19:30Pasinetti
Press, Industry, Professional
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05/09/2012 h 23:30Casa degli Autori - La Pagoda
Concert by Tętes de Bois
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06/09/2012 h 22:00Pasinetti
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Preceded by Terramatta;
Special Events
Pietro Ingrao, un eretico

by Filippo Vendemmiati
world premiere
Italy 2012, 75', HD, colour, bw
screenplay Filippo Vendemmiati
cinematography Simone Marchi
archival footage Istituto Luce Cinecittà
Archivio audiovisivo del movimento operaio e democratico
editing Simone Marchi
music Tetes de Bois
with Pietro Ingrao, Giulia Ingrao, Giacomo Tanghellini, Marta Gilmore
producer Donata Zanotti
production Tomatodoc&film
in association with Istituto Luce Cinecittà
distribution Istituto Luce Cinecittà
Via Tuscolana 1055, 00173 Roma, Italia
Tel. +39 06 72286271
Pietro Ingrao, 97, tells his story through a long-distance exchange he has with a student from the 1980s, who is distracted from studying by the radio, which is transmitting Ingrao's own speech during the sixteenth Italian Communist Party's conference in March 1983. A long interview which takes place between January and June 2012, the film is not so much a story of Pietro Ingrao's life, as much as it is his own tale on politics as a passion and "as an instrument to change a world I didn't like."
"Ingrao tells the story of his twentieth and twenty-first century adventures through images of one great story and many smaller ones, through his contemporary voice as well as his voice from speeches in 1968, 1983, 2002… All the while maintaining an intact, upright sentiment. He talks of moments which may appear minor, but are central: like his great passion for cinema and poetry. "I am more of a cinema person, than a political person," he says in the documentary. "I wanted to be a film director, but instead I was kicked into politics." Or like that image of the moon in Lenola, his hometown, which Ingrao as a child tried to grab in vain. A need which never left his side." (Filippo Vendemmiati)
Filippo Vendemmiati (Ferrara, Italy, 1958) has been working for the Emilia Romagna Rai newsroom since 1987. He has reported on national news stories, like the military plane disaster on 6 December 1990, which fell on the "G. Salvemini" institute in Casalecchio di Reno, killing twelve people. Or like the murder of Marco Biagi, head of the New Red Brigades, on 19 March 2002. With Marino Cancellari and Donata Zanotti, he made La Grande Sorella, a special report into leprosy in India, which won the Enzo Baldoni award in 2006. His È stato morto un ragazzo, presented in 2010 at Venice Days, won the David award for best documentary.


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