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02/09/2012 h 11:30Sala Volpi
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by Simone Dante Antonelli, Giacomo Bisordi, Rita De Donato
Irene Di Lelio, Antonio Ligas, Emiliano Russo

world premiere
SIAE Prize
Head of film directing workshop Sergio Rubini
Screenplay workshop manager Sergio Rubini e Ugo Chiti
Project manager Daniela Bortignoni
Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica "Silvio d'Amico"
Via Vincenzo Bellini, 16, 00198 Roma, Italia
Unghie by Emiliano Russo
cast Simone Fucci, Antonio Ligas, Barbara Ronchi,
La busta by Rita De Donato
cast Maria Paiato, Judith Okoyie
Matrimonio d'arresto by Antonio Ligas
cast Margherita Buy, Giorgio Gallo, Chiara Mancuso
Manuela Mandracchia, Simona Marchini
Pino Quartullo, Caterina Sylos Labini
In buono stato by Simone Dante Antonelli
cast Claudio Bigagli, Michele Monetta, Natale Russo
Crisi umana by Irene Di Lelio
cast Luigi Lo Cascio, Sergio Rubini
Flavio Francucci, Roberto Pappalardo, Elias Zoccoli
Sagomatore by Giacomo Bisordi
cast Gigi Angelillo, Silvia d'Amico, Davide Gagliardini
Elisabetta Mandalari, Luca Mascolo, Marco Palvetti
cinematography Ramiro Civita
editing Angelo Nicolini
music Ivan Iusco
art direction Bruno Buonincontri
costumes Bartolomeo Giusti, Giulia Adriana Chiaretti
An old bus drives through the streets of Rome. It's a long day. The bus fills up with people and stories. Then empties out. People get on. And get off. Faces, eyes. Expectations. A few encounters. Incidents. Slips. Ambiguities. Thefts. Rows. Confiding exchanges. Confessions. Projects. Plans. Lies. Slaps. Even one hijacking. A well-defined route can become a journey. Each encounter can become a future opportunity or can lay a former wound to rest. Every stop may produce the person who will change your life trajectory. Or not, and the bus carries on. At the next turn, someone else will get on and a fragment of his life will for a moment touch yours.
6 sull'autobus is not only a sum of six shorts, it is a little film made out of stories six young people invented going from the table of a stage to the wheels of a bus. It is a film composed of different tones, but with a common main structure. A journey made out of various steps and encounters. Where the main character is that gaze, that invisible other, a witness, who is always observing characters go about their daily lives and adventures on the bus, in a game which could continue. (Daniela Bortignoni. Project manager)


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