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02/09/2012 h 11:30Volpi
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by Marco Segato
world premiere
Italy, 2012, 68', HD, colour
screenplay Marco Mancassola, Marco Segato
cinematography Pier Paolo Giarolo
editing Sara Zavarise
music Guano Padano
sound Marco Zambrano
with Gian Piero Brunetta, Ornella Buratto, Mario Carraro
Lorenzo Codelli, Piero Colussi, Carl Davis, Gian Luca Farinelli
Enrico Ghezzi, Sergio Grmek Germani, Livio Jacob, Sirio Luginbühl
Carlo Mazzacurati, Paolo Mereghetti, Carlo Montanaro, Tatti Sanguineti
producer Francesco Bonsembiante
production Jolefilm
Via Quarto, 16, 35138, Padova, Italia
Ph +39 049 8718175
in collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna e Cineteca del Friuli
with the support of AcegasAps, Fondazione Antonveneta
Regione del Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission
press office Studio Systema - Servizi per la comunicazione
San Polo, 2025, 30125, Venezia, Italy
Ph +39 041 5201959 - Fax +39 041 5201960
With a reputation as one of the greatest, most mysterious cinema lovers, Piero Tortolina became a reference point for an entire generation of film buffs. The film takes viewers on a journey to meet those who knew him, while bringing to life a forgotten era defined by cine-clubs. The story is one of unbridled passion, which depicts Piero Tortolina's relation to invisible film from engineer, to pirate, to underwater explorer.
"Telling Piero Tortolina's story was something that needed to be done, because in many ways, it was like telling the story of Italian cinema through the eyes of an extraordinary cinephile, perhaps the last real one, in a time when cinema was huge and the passionate reactions it caused extraordinary. As someone who had witnessed classical American film of the 1930s and 1940s, Tortolina was aware of the uncertain trajectory cinema was bound to. But until the bitter end, he never stopped being curious, taking an interest in new directors and trusting the young." (Marco Segato)
Marco Segato lives and works in Padova. After finishing his degree in Literature from Padova University, he turned to film, undertaking a master's degree in documentary filmmaking from the Scuola Civica di Cinema in Milan. In 2007, Segato worked as assistant director to Carlo Mazzacurati on La giusta distanza. That year, he also co-directed Ci resta il nome with Mario Rigoni Stern, Andrea Zanzotto, Marco Paolini and Daniel Libeskind for production company Jolefilm. His collaboration with Jolefilm continued in 2008, when he made a documentary called Via Anelli. That same year, he was video director for Marco Paolini on Il sergente, taking up similar responsibilities in 2009 with Pensavo fosse Bach, Mario Brunello's concert-show. In 2011, Segato made documentary film Ora si ferma il vento. Segato has worked at the IUAV Venice University and is the artistic director for the Euganea Film Festival, as well as for Detour, the traveller's film festival.


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