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30/08/2012 h 21:30Casa degli Autori - La Pagoda
Free Entrance
Venice Nights
by Alessandra Cardone
Italy 2012, 14', HD, colour
screenplay Alessandra Cardone
cinematography Selene De Rui, Valerio Ferrario
editing Max Pastore
sound Andrea Parolin
producer Alessandra Cardone
In the spring of 2010, during the shooting of the film The Tourist, Venice was transformed for a few months, not just because of the presence of the film crew, but especially because the presence of Johnny Depp. After stumbling upon restaurant ‘Rosa Rossa', Depp fell in love with the place, slowly becoming a regular. He often found himself spending long and happy evenings with Cristiano Vitale, the manager. People who met Johnny found his personality both touching and fascinating, and no one found it more so than Cristiano, who from the very first moment they met started hoping that the great film star would not only see him as a true friend who he would always be able to trust, but also that the actor would open doors for him by taking him into his entourage. And Cristiano is still hoping, despite the fact that Johnny has not been in touch.
"Despite the fact that the restaurateur's story is one of crushed hopes and dreams, I wanted to give my work an ironic and light edge, by inviting Cristiano to not take himself too seriously when he told his story. I decided to pursue the truth and tell the story of this most human of affairs, which I hope lets not just irony, but also the contradictory aspect of emotions emerge." (Alessandra Cardone)
Alessandra Cardone (Milan, Italy, 1975) is a former copywriter. He worked for years in large advertising agencies in Milan, before becoming first a screenwriter with Gaetano Sansone, and then a director, with his first feature film Aspettando Hollywood (2006). In 2008, Cardone received a Special Mention at the Nastri D'Argento awards for his Boxing Paradise script, directed by Stefano Quaglia. Beyond shooting many advertisements, Cardone shot two shorts, Beneficenza (2010) and Chapeau! (2011), and a documentary called Le Tessitrici di Guri i Zi (2011). At the moment, he is finishing Questioni di Etichetta, which is in post-production, a short starring Bebo Storti, Ugo Conti and Francesco Montanari. He is also working on his first full-length film.


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