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august 30
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31/08/2012 h 21:30Casa degli Autori - La Pagoda
Free Entrance
Venice Nights
by Masbedo
World Premiere
Italy, 2012, 52', Digital Betacam, colour
written by Alessandro Cremones
cinematography Íris Stefánsdóttir
editing Cristina Sardo
music Lagash, Alessandro Cremonesi
voice off Íris Stefánsdóttir, Elisabetta Cremonesi
with Kári Stefánsson, Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson
Bryndis Schram, Ómar Djermoun, Thor Vilhjálmsson
Frišrik Žór Frišriksson, Elísabet Jökulsdóttir
producer Davide Ferrario
production Rossofuoco
Via della Rocca 34, 10123 Torino, Italia
Tel +39 011 837767 - Fax +39 011 8123517
with support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte
Regione Piemonte, Piemonte Doc Film Fund
A take on Iceland seen through the eyes of a duo of video-artists who spent six months in search of new inspiration. Of their five work pieces, Tralalà is perhaps the most moving and spontaneous: born as a five screen video installation, it became a documentary, a glimpse at the life on the biggest volcanic island in the world, just before the economic meltdown of the Icelandic state in 2008. Stories, discomfort, wealth, business, work, fog, smoke divided into songs, like an unworldly poetic voyage, where man must constantly confront himself with mother earth.
"Tralalà started in 2008 from a series of video art projects that we made in the four months we were in Iceland. Our interest for this place stemmed, not so much because of the natural beauty which defines the island, but instead because it seemed to us like a metaphor for the decline of the western world. Geologically speaking, the island was born from the collision of the North American plate with the Eurasian one. It is also one of the few places in the world where the conjunction line of the two plates is clearly visible through the emerging earth. This fracture widens by around two centimeters a year, creating a cushion zone which geologists call ground zero, which will eventually lead to the island dividing itself into two." (Masbedo)
Masbedo are Nicolò Massazza (Milan, Italy, 1973) and Iacopo Bedogni (Sarzana, Italy, 1970). From 2002 onwards, Massazza and Bedogni collaborated with French writer Michel Houellebecq with whom they wrote and produced 11.22.03 and Il mondo non è un panorama, art videos featuring Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche. In 2006, they were the only video artists invited to Locarno's Piazza Grande. In 2007, 10 Insects To Feed received the critics' award at the Trieste Film Festival. In 2009, they were invited to the 53rd Venice Biennial in the Italian wing. In 2010, they won the Cairo award and presented Distante un padre, a short, at the United Nations World Forum in Rio de Janeiro's Museum of Modern Art. In June 2011, with the Noire Contemporary Art gallery, they took part in the ‘Art Unlimited' section of the Basilea art festival with the Kreppa Babies video installation. That same year, they exposed their art at the MAXXI in Rome and at the Lorcan O'Neill gallery. Throughout 2012, they plan on exhibiting a series of video performances in contemporary art museums (Centro Luigi Pecci in Prato) and institutions (RomaEuropa Festival). With the Sentieri Selvaggi ensemble, and with the extraordinary participation of Fanny Ardant, they will present Guillaume de Machaut's Le Remède de Fortune at the Piccolo Teatro Strehler in Milan and the Teatro Palladium in Rome.


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