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08/09/2012 h 09:00Pasinetti
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08/09/2012 h 21:30Casa degli Autori - La Pagoda
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Venice Nights
In viaggio sul Po con Paolo Rumiz

by Alessandro Scillitani
World Premiere
Italy 2012, 80', HD, colour
screenplay Alessandro Scillitani, Paolo Rumiz, Valentina Scaglia
cinematography Alessandro Scillitani
editing Alessandro Scillitani
music Alessandro Scillitani
with Paolo Rumiz, Valentina Scaglia, Francesco Guccini
Valerio Varesi, Fabio Fiori, Paolo Lodigiani, Angelo Bosio
producer Sarah and Gino Pennacchi
production Tico Film
Via Torrebianca, 26, 34122, Trieste, Italia
A journey across Italy's great river, undertaken by Paolo Rumiz together with explorer Valentina Scaglia, in the company of canoeists, boatmen, writers and fishermen. A journey made out of encounters, food and adventures, while still representing the rediscovery of a wild course of water. It is a story told from the perspective of the current, which travels towards the delta and its magnificent shores. Beyond those banks, lie Italy's four most populous regions. Meanwhile, inside the river Po, an exquisite, secret, uncontaminated space opens itself up, radiating beauty, despite the environmental catastrophes caused by mankind.
"The truth is, every film is a journey and a discovery. Never more so when the film tells the story of an actual journey where nothing is planned, where there is just a river, a departure and an arrival point. Being next to writer Paolo Rumiz, who like nobody else is capable of transforming and interpreting reality from a new angle, gave an extra layer of fascination to the discovery of this world through a new lens. () I quickly understood while travelling on the Po, that the river itself became a character in the story, all of a sudden eliminating the resonance of many of the stories surrounding it. That is why I turned to the river and its banks, all the while gathering the words and conversations of my travel partners, who forgetting they were being filmed allowed themselves to over interpret their own roles." (Alessandro Scillitani)
Alessandro Scillitani is the artistic director of the Reggio Film Festival, an international short film competition which has been going since 2002. He was in charge of directing, filming and editing several documentaries, often also composing music for them. Among such projects are Le vie dell'acqua (2009), Mondo Piccolo (2011), Case abbandonate (2011) and Le dimore del vento which told the story of Paolo Rumiz in 2011. He shot various projects for Repubblica TV and is an events organizer and coordinator with the Reggio Emilia commune. Scillitani participated in various projects with the Teatro dell'Orsa, and, with local theatre groups, he made a number of video installations, local video guides and documentaries. He is currently in charge of the video documentation section and supports the organization of events for the Reggio Emilia Paesaggio della Provincia biennial celebration.


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