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Official Selection
by Amir Manor
First Feature, International Premiere
Israel, 2012, 96', Red, 4K, colour
screenplay Amir Manor
cinematography Guy Raz
editing Iris Ozer
music Ruth Dolores Weiss
art direction Rotem Cohen, Barak Vazan
cast Yosef Carmon (Berl), Rivka Gur (Hayuta)
Efrat Ben Zur, Itay Turgeman, Shai Avivi, Natan Zehavi
Yaron Brovinski, Hagar Ben Asher, Rotem Keinan, Efrat Aviv
producer Assaf Amir
production Norma Productions
associate producers Adar Shafran, Roni Abramowsky
in association with Firma Productions
world sales Urban Distribution International
14 rue du 18 Aout, F-93100, Montreuil sous Bois, France
Ph +33 1 48704655 - Fax +33 1 49720421
Press Office Wolf
Gordon Spragg, Laurin Dietrich & Michael Arnon
Ph +49 157 74749724
Hayuta and Beri, an elderly couple, find it hard to adjust to today's Israel and to the social changes surrounding them. After years of struggle, the two refuse to let go of their dreams and their revolutionary plans to build a welfare state in Israel. Over the course of a painful night of disillusionment, the two decide to leave their apartment for one last journey.
"Three years ago I lost both my grandparents to cancer. They were both, in my mind, examples of the greatness of the human spirit. They left a huge void. To the pain of their departure, more pain was added, when I saw how, in their hour of distress and anguish they were forced to come to terms with the illusion of their most cherished beliefs. The solidarity nurtured by their lifelong work was swept away by personal interests. Collective responsibility, caring for others, reciprocity - all were swept away by blind and alienating consumerism, and despicable bureaucracy. This is not just a personal story. The film presents a painful portrayal of old age in Israel. Feelings of transparency, loneliness, of being a burden, trampled honor, and a lack of any sense of belonging, combine to create great distress stemming from society's attitude towards its past and its founders. The physical and mental state of the elderly is a symptom of the spiritual state of a society that has lost its morals, becoming instead a society addicted to profit, personal benefits and interests, that completely neglects its weaker segments, and in this case, its very own founders and creators." (Amir Manor)
Amir Manor, director and screenwriter, joined "Ha Noar Haoved Ve Halomed", a socialist youth movement at the age of 18, an experience which helped shape his political identity. This involvement led him to participate in actions and communal groups across Israel. At the age of 25, Manor left the movement and moved to Jerusalem, where he worked as a journalist for a magazine called Kol Ha'ir covering socio-economic issues. After leaving the magazine, he went on to work on television programme Ovda, also reporting for renowned Israeli daily Ma'ariv. Amir is a graduate of the Film and Television Department at Tel Aviv University. His directing career began with a series of shorts and medium-length films. Among these was Reds, which earned him first prize for the Best Drama at the Jerusalem Film Festival in 2007. Epilogue is his first feature film.


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