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30/08/2012 h 09:00Volpi
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04/09/2012 h 17:00Darsena
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07/09/2012 h 22:30Pasinetti
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Official Selection
by Vincenzo Marra
world premiere
Italy 2012, 88', DCP, colour
screenplay Vincenzo Marra
cinematography Francesca Amitrano
editing Luca Benedetti
sound Daniele Maraniello
producer Gianluca Arcopinto, Marco Ledda
Vincenzo Marra, Angelo Russo Russelli
production Axelotil, Settembrini Film
world sales Rai Trade
Via Umberto Novaro, 18, 00195, Roma, Italia
Ph +39 06 37498244 - Fax +39 06 370 1343
distribution Zaroff - Kimerafilm
Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice 27, 00153, Roma, Italia
Ph +39 06 57297504
delbuonovalentina@yahoo.it - www.kimerafilm.com
press office Lionella Bianca Fiorillo - Storyfinders
Via A. Allegri da Correggio 11, Roma, Italia
Tel +39 06 88972779
"The Triplet" is the nickname of Raffaele. He is twenty-nine years old and two twin brothers. He has been in prison since the age of fifteen for having robbed a bank; twelve people live inside with him. Raffaele is not a normal inmate; he is charismatic and has a lot of respect from the other inmates. The Secondigliano penitentiary (Naples) is his home; in this painful place he lives with his roommate Gennaro who has the same age as him and is sentenced to life. Together they work at waste collection, and thanks to this job he is able to support his family. Raffaele also has a special relationship with with Niko, the head of the prison guards with whom he speaks and confronts. Niko is looking to introduce more humane rules in the prison. The film is a journey into the physical locations and the soul of Secondigliano, of the cramped cells, of the visiting room where the existences of the three protagonists meet through small and big events.
"In addition to continuing my journey to the places of Naples began 12 years ago with Estranei alla Massa and continued with L'udienza è aperta and Il Grande Progetto, I wanted to use the prison and my ability to relate with people and spaces in my land, entering this place of pain, for the purpose to return to the spectators, faithfully, the experience of the protagonists. I set myself the goal of reducing the border between fiction and documentary." (Vincenzo Marra)
Vincenzo Marra (Naples, Italy, 1972) left his career as a sports photographer in 1996 in order to dedicate himself to cinema. At the end of the 1990s, he wrote and directed two shorts, Una rosa prego and La vestizione. His first feature film Tornando a casa (2001) earned him many international awards, among which Best Film at the Venice International Film Critics Week. He went on to make two documentaries - Estranei alla massa (Pier Paolo Pasolini award), which was selected in Locarno, while Paesaggio a Sud, was presented in the Nuovi Territori section in Venice. In 2004, Marra wrote and directed his second feature Vento di Terra. The film, which was distributed around Europe, received numerous awards, among which the FIPRESCI in Venice. In 2005, he returned to Locarno in the video category with a documentary entitled 58%. He followed in 2006 with L'udienza è aperta, another Venice Days selection. In 2007 returned with L'ora di punta. In 2008, Marra came back to documentary film-making with Il Grande Progetto.


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