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29/08/2012 h 22:30Pasinetti
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30/08/2012 h 16:45Darsena
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Preceded by The Powder Room, Muta, The Woman Dress, It's getting late
Official Selection
by Enzo D'AlÚ
World Premiere
Italy, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, 2012, 78', colour
screenplay Enzo D'Alò, Umberto Marino
based on the novel Le avventure di Pinocchio
by Carlo Collodi
drawings Lorenzo Mattotti
editing Gianluca Cristofari
music Lucio Dalla
sound Gianni Pallotto
voices Gabriele Caprio (Pinocchio), Rocco Papaleo (Mangiafoco)
Paolo Ruffini (Lucignolo), Lucio Dalla (the green fisherman)
Maurizio Micheli (the Cat), Maricla Affatato (the Fox)
Mino Caprio (Geppetto), Pino Quartullo (Carabiniere)
Andy Luotto (host)
delegate producer Nicolas Steil
production Cometafilm, Iris Productions
Walking the Dog, 2D-3D Animations
with the support of
Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali - Direzione Generale Cinema
world sales Rezo Films
29 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009 Paris, France
Ph +33 01 42464630 - Fax +33 01 42464082
distribution Lucky Red
via Antonio Chinotto, 16, 00195, Roma, Italia
Ph +39 06 373522 - Fax +39 06 37352310
Carpenter Geppetto builds a puppet and names him Pinocchio. Upon his numerous adventures, the marionette runs into quite a bit of trouble, but fortunately, a Fairy with Turquoise Hair helps him extricate from his many mischiefs. The Fairy comes along with a Crow, an Owl and a Talking Cricket. Pinocchio later finds himself on the Island of Toys and is transformed into a donkey. After a brave escape, he ends up in the belly of a shark where he saves Geppetto, who had also been swallowed by the shark while searching for Pinocchio at sea.
"As soon as he got home, Geppetto gathered his tools together and started moulding and creating his puppet. "What name will I give him," he asked himself. I'll call him Pinocchio. The name will bring him luck.... When he had found his puppet's name, he started working in earnest, giving him hair, forehead and eyes..."
"It was the most difficult, absorbing, experimental and tricky film I have ever made. Over three hundred artists shared my joy and pain for over four years, in an extraordinary atmosphere of collaboration. You can see all of this in every scene from Pinocchio, our very own darling in search of happiness." (Enzo D'Alò)

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