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04/09/2013 h 09:00Casiṇ
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by Serena Nono
World premiere 
Italy, 2013, 79', Red, color, b/w

screenplay Serena Nono
based on the novel Venezia Salva by Simone Weil
cinematography Tarek Ben Abdallah
editing Manuela Pellarin
music Ernst Stolz
sound Francesco Liotard
art direction Serena Boccanegra
costumes Serena Nono, Manuela Pellarin
cast David Riondino (Segretario del Consiglio dei Dieci)
Nicola Golea (Jaffier)Roxana Kenjeeva (Violetta)
Domenico Palazzo (Renaud)Matteo Parrinello (Pierre Lagrand)
Vincenza Petrella (cortigiana greca)Katharina Miroslawa (cortigiana)
Emilio Vinci (Sergente Brulard)Ulisse Fiolo (Capitano Durand)
Fabio Rosso (Sergente Navas)Maurizio Banin (Bassio)
Barry Alpha (mercenario)Steve Lee Parker (sergente Elliot)
Wahdan Elsaid (mercenario)Bouchaib El Asri (mercenario)

David Riondino
production Giano produzioni
Vicolo Scipione Sacco, 6, 47020, Longiano (FC)
Ph. +39 0547 665422 - Fax +39 0547 667014

Rai Cinema
in collaboration with Fondazione di partecipazione Casa dell'ospitalità
executive producer Raffaele Rago

press office Studio Systema

Venezia salva, freely adapted from the tragedy by Simone Weil, recounts a failed attempt to overthrow the Republic of Venice in 1618. A conspiracy hatched by the Spanish Ambassador to Venice and the Viceroy of Naples, the Duke of Osuna, is to be set in motion on the night preceding the Feast of the ‘Sensa' celebrating the marriage of Venice to the sea. The Provencal gentleman Renaud is put in charge of the plot to crush the Serenissima and annex it to Spain, while Pierre, a renowned pirate and captain of fortune, is to lead the sacking of Venice; both, however, are in Venice's employ. On the appointed night, Pierre is suddenly summoned by the government of Venice to mount guard for a guest of the authorities and passes the command of the enterprise to Jaffier, his long-time faithful friend and comrade in battles and sackings. Jaffier accepts. But after having met Violetta, the Secretary of the Ten's daughter, hearing her praise the beauty of Venice, and seeing it for himself, he begins to question his desire, and ability, to set off such destruction.

"Over and beyond its literary value and its philosophical and socio-historical significance, the form of this film is very important: with the fixedness of the images and the plain, hardly theatrical, acting I tried to preserve Simone Weil's stage directions and the essence of her ideas. The writer conceived this play as a Greek tragedy, which explains my use of "classical" shots in a play where very little actually happens. […] For me, the challenge was filming Venezia salva with non-actors, including people who speak other languages, who are uprooted and live on the margins of society, in order to achieve a startling dissonance of accents. The result is that viewers can relate with Simone Weil's two ideas: truth is to be sought in misfortune; truth lies in beauty. Plua the idea of power as violence." [Serena Nono]

Serena Nono (b. 1964 in Venice, Italy) moved to London in 1982 to attend Kingston University. She graduated in 1987 with a BA in Fine Arts. In 1989 she returned to Venice. Since 1991 she has exhibited her work, mainly paintings, in Italy and the rest of Europe. In 2007 she made her first documentary, Ospiti. The film was made in collaboration with the Casa dell'ospitalità, a shelter for the homeless in Venice where Nono taught art courses to the residents. In 2009 she made Via della croce, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in the Orizzonti section and won an award and a special mention at the Sulmonacinema Film Festival. In 2011 Nono's paintings were displayed in the Italian pavilion at the 54° Venice Biennale. Venezia salva is her directorial debut.

2013 Venezia salva
2009 Via della croce (doc)
2007 Ospiti (doc)


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