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29/08/2013 h 22:00Casinò
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02/09/2013 h 17:00Darsena
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03/09/2013 h 19:00Giorgione, Cannaregio

04/09/2013 h 19:00Excelsior, Mestre

05/09/2013 h 09:00Casinò
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by Edo Natoli
World premiere
Italy, 2013, 12', stop motion, 5D, color

screenplay Edo Natoli
cinematography Alessandro Cantarini, Edo Natoli
editing Jordi Morell
music Massimo Fava
sound Gabriele D'Angelo
art direction Giorgio Natoli, Alessandra Traina, Edo Natoli
costumes Valentina Taliani
narrator Pierfrancesco Favino

producer Edo Natoli
production Chi fa da sé fa per tre production

This is the story of Gianenzo. He's just turned eleven, and he's 18 cm tall. He's first in the junior rankings in: chess, drawing, singing, solfège, arithmetic, piano and chemistry. Mind you, he shares those top spots with his two sworn enemies. The genius who was king of the hill through the third year of nursery school has had to contend with two giants at his same level for five years now: the magnetic Luigifausta and the unflappable Pancraziomaria. Now the exit exams for primary school are looming, and none of the three contenders seems willing to give an inch. Who will walk off with the gold for being the class grind?

"A year and a half ago, I realised it was time to try to put everything I've learned on the set into practice. I decided to bring a story of my own to the screen. I didn't look for funding, I created my starring characters, and to my mother's dismay, turned our living room into a mini studio. ‘How long can it take?' I thought to myself. ‘Don't worry, Mom, just a couple of weeks and it will all be back to normal'. One year and a half of domestic upheaval later, Secchi is a stop-motion short that cost nothing, thanks to the generosity of my friends and relations who stood by me the entire time and were determined to do their best: all this in return for nothing more than my profound gratitude." [Edo Natoli]

Edo Natoli (b. 1983 in Rome, Italy), made his stage debut at age 13 in Molière's Le bourgeois gentilhomme, and in the years that followed he acted in plays in Italy and abroad. He has also appeared in several television series, including Raccontami. In 2010 he starred in Mario Martone's film, We Believed. The following year, he appeared in Paolo Virzì's debut as a theatre director, Se non ci sono altre domande. In 2012 he acted in the TV episode Troppo amore by Liliana Cavani and Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy by Marco Tullio Giordana. In the same year, he starred in the stage play L'amavo più della sua vita directed by Cristina Comencini. Since 2006 Natoli has worked as an AD on commercials, videoclips and films by Gabriele Muccino, Maria Sole Tognazzi, Paolo Virzì and Luca Guadagnino. In 2012 he co-directed, with Paolo Briguglia, the stage adaptation of Fabio Geda's novel In the Sea There are Crocodiles.

2013 Secchi (sm)


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