2013: 10th edition

august 28
september 7
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A night setting for the outside Pagoda arena in Venice. Technically supported in the best way possible, seven examples of real-life cinema are presented with an Italian eye on its own country and beyond. The opening film My Friend Johnny by Alessandra Cardone brings to light the morbid fascination felt by a restaurateur for his celebrity customer Johnny Depp who became a regular during The Tourist shoot, and the bizarre wait for his return. From Venice and beyond, a voyage along the river Po in Allessandro Scillitani´s Il risveglio del fiume segreto - In viaggio sul Po con Paolo Rumiz brings legends, memories and neglected natural discoveries to the surface. Young Neapolitans grow up in Agostino Ferrente and Giovanni Piperno´s Le cose belle which took several years to make in order to gain a better understanding of local people´s hearts and minds - as evolving as they are immutable.
Another southern tale to be presented is Nozze d´agosto by Andrea Parena, which tells the story of the professionals behind the scenes of weddings. A tale of objective irony and balanced realism, excitement, sounds and predictable drama. E qualcosa rimane… And something remains of poetic music and secretive moments in the portrait of a travelling artist by Stefano Pistolini in his film Francesco De Gregori - Finestre rotte. Also presented will be two docufilms based outside of Italy. The Golden Temple by Enrico Masi focuses on the life and souls of residents in the outskirts of London who find themselves at the centre of global speculation as their neighbourhood prepares to be transformed for the Olympic Games, while their daily routine remains the same. Tralalà by artistic duo Masbedo (Massazza&Bedogni) - an anthropological look into the productive minds and cracks of Iceland, the first country to fall during the economic crisis, and the first to get out of it thanks to different ideas. A look at this very western, well off and important island.
Maurizio Di Rienzo
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