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28/08/2013 h 09:00Casinò
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02/09/2013 h 22:00Casinò
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07/09/2013 h 09:00Casinò
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Official Selection
by Milko Lazarov
World premiere, First feature
Bulgaria, 2013, 77', super 16mm anamorphic, color

screenplay Milko Lazarov, Kitodar Todorov, Georgi Tenev
cinematography Kaloyan Bozhilov
editing Veselka Kiryakova
art direction Vanina Geleva
costumes Iva Dencheva
sound Aleksander Simeonov
cast Christos Stergioglou (Yorgos)Mariana Jikich (Maria)
Ovanes Torosian (Marty)Neda Iskrenova (Irina)Iva Ognyanova (Elena)
Kitodar Todorov (Andrey)Dora Markova (Yorgos' mother)

Christo Jivkov
productions BNT, Red Carpet
executive producer Christo Jivkov

contact Red Carpet
Veselka Kiryakova
Gorublyane, 16 Selishteto Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
Ph.+359 898 610764 - +359 889 705050
lazarov.alienation@gmail.com - redcarpet-films.com

A man driving an old-fashioned car is crossing the border. He is Greek and in his fifties, heading to Bulgaria to buy a newborn. Jorgos has prepared a secret compartment in the boot of the car, masked as a gas tank, in order to smuggle the child out. But the baby isn't born yet, and the Greek needs to wait in a secluded house in the mountains together with the mother, her deaf-mute brother and the midwife. On a stormy night, the child is born.

"Alienation is my first feature film. I have been working on it since 2008. I was really determined to recount a parable rather than to follow the scary script of this grim business of selling a newborn baby to a foreigner. It's not a manual on how to buy a baby in poverty-striken Bulgaria. It's an itinerary for losing yourself, and how it happens. InAlienation, the forest serves as my ancient desert. Back in 2008, Goethe's ‘Erlkoenig' was my inspiration when I started writing the script, and as soon as I finished I was in a desperate search of an actor. I invited the renowned Greek actor Christos Stergioglou to audition; he read the script and, to my surprise, he said ‘Yes'. This would be another keystone of the structure of Alienation I was creating: my story, my outlook, my forest, my 16mm, no music and hardly any dialogue, other than a few whisperings and a couple of Greek songs." [Milko Lazarov]

Milko Lazarov graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he studied film and television directing. He is an executive producer and director of BNT's highly successful BBC projects The Great Bulgarians and The Big Read. He has also directed several documentary films. He used to be a lecturer in NATFA's film department, teaching directing, experimental film and mise-en-scène.

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