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01/09/2013 h 22:00Casiṇ
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Official Selection
by Sean Gullette
World premiere, First feature
Morocco, United States, 2013, 86', HD, color

screenplay Sean Gullette
cinematography Benoit Peverelli, Niko Tavernise
editing Sabine Hoffman
music Nathan Larson
sound Jacob Ribicoff
art direction Shara Shisheboran
costumes Gery Georgieva
cast Chaimae Ben Acha (Malika)Soufia Issami (Amal)
Driss Roukhe (Haj)Mourade Zeguendi (Samir)Morjana Alaoui (Jad)

Karim Debbagh, Sean Gullette, Audrey Rosenberg
productions Kasbah Films, White Light White Heat
presented by Sharjah Art Foundation

world sales Rezo Films
29 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009 Paris, France
Ph. +33 01 42464630 - Fax +33 01 42464082

Malika is the leader of the all-female punk rock band Traitors, with a strong vision of the world, her hometown of Tangier, and her place in society. When she needs money to save her family from being evicted, and to realize her dreams for the band, Malika agrees to a fast cash proposition: a smuggling run over the mountains for a dangerous drug dealer. But her companion on the road is Amal, a burnt-out young drug mule, who Malika decides to free from her enslavement to the dealers. The challenge will put Malika's rebel ethos to the test, and to survive she will have to call on all her instincts and sheer nerve.

"Certain young people have the power to change their destiny and their environment. They act strongly, confident that their intentions are pure, and their power can be transcendental, smart and ruthless. It's no coincidence that music, politics, and life on the edges of crime are central to the experience of youth on fire: all three can expand our powers in miraculous ways. Adults may regard that fire with condescending smiles. But when young people like Malika confront the established logic of the 'adult' world, their actions - sometimes heroic, sometimes tragic - can rewrite history." [Sean Gullette]

Sean Gullette (1968, Boston, U.S.) after making films together at Harvard, played the lead role, and shared story credit, in Darren Aronofsky's debut feature Pi. Gullette has since acted in two dozen films including Requiem for a Dream and Brad Anderson's Happy Accidents. Gullette's screenplays for independent and studio productions have included the adaptation of Nobel-prize winning Japanese author Kenzaburo Oe's novel Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids. In 2010, Gullette's 30-minute film called Traitors, debuted at the New York Film Festival, and was the basis of his 2013 feature debut under the same title. Sean's next project will be "Tangier", a thriller which will star Kristin Scott-Thomas and Jeremy Irons, produced in co-operation with Aronofsky's Protzoa Pictures. Gullette is also the founder of the 212 Society, a US non-profit which supports cultural and educational projects in Morocco.

2013 Traitors
2011 Traitors (sm)


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