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28/08/2013 h 17:00Casinò
Press, Industry
Preceded by The door, Le donne della Vucciria

29/08/2013 h 16:30Darsena
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Preceded by The door, Le donne della Vucciria
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04/09/2013 h 22:00Casinò
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Official Selection
by Deniz Akçay
International premiere, First feature
Turkey, 2013, 81', HD, color

screenplay Deniz Akçay
cinematography Ahmet Bayer
editing Ruşen Dağhan
music 123
sound Levent İntepe Ses
art direction Haluk Ünlü
costumes Mukadder Özal
cast Ahu Türkpençe (Feride)Lale Başar (Nurcan)
Savaş Alp Başar (Ilker)Sekvan Serinkaya (Gulaga)
Mihriban Er (Gulten)Melis Ebeler (Ozge)
Hatice Lütfiye Dinçer (Grandmother)Mert Bostancı (Halil)
Hakan Onat (Hakan)İbrahim Erkan (Hamdi)

Deniz Akçay
production Zoe Film
coproducers Esi Gülce, Marsel Kalvo
Recep Aktürk, Ahmet Katıksız
coproductions Kırmızı Panjur
Mars Production, Re Prodüksiyon
with the support of Ministry of Culture

Mars Production
Sıraselviler Cad. No:78/2
Cihangir, Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey
Ph. +90 212 244 8252 - Fax +90 212 244 8250
marsel@marsfilm.net - www.marsfilm.net

Nobody's Home is the story of four people who cannot manage to become a family again after a loss and who destroy each other with each passing day. After her husband's death, Nurcan is left alone with her grown-up daughter Feride and two younger children, İlker and Özge. Little by little, the eldest child, Feride, is forced by her mother to become the head of the family and shoulder all the responsibilities that entails. As the only son, devoted to his father's memory, İlker reacts fiercely when his sister Feride takes charge, and feels alienated from the family. As a teenager in need of her family more than ever, Özge is unable to reach out to her mother or her sister, both of whom are wrapped up in their own grief.. She tries, in vain, to attract attention, to feel a part of the family, to "belong".

"Nobody's Home is a film about the sense of belonging and the extremes to which people are driven when this sense is missing. It is a heartbreaking story of a family that has experienced an unexpected loss and can't understand how to handle the new situations that arise: the power struggles within the family, feelings of inadequacy, the urge to escape; the lack of communication, guilt, anger and depression that are triggered […] İlker, the 17-year-old son of whom great things are expected, has a personal crisis that spins out of control when he tries to fill his father's shoes. He'd like to take charge, "take the wheel", but he's still too young. This is why he has an accident every time he steals the car. İlker can't accept that he should still be in the back seat as a passenger, not in the driver's seat; it amounts to giving up, letting his father down. So he goes and has an affair with a woman his mother's age. Unconsciously he wants to satisfy his mother and take his father's place, but this is a road that swiftly leads to destruction." [Deniz Akçay]

While Deniz Akçay (b.1981 in İzmir, Turkey) was still a history major at Ege University, she joined the writers' team for the TV series Ayrılsak da Beraberiz. Then she changed her major to communications, at the same university, and studied radio, television and film. She took filmmaking and editing courses at New York Film Academy in 2006. She's been working as a screenwriter for TV series since 2006. In 2013, she wrote and directed her first feature film Nobody's Home.

2013 Köksüz (Nobody's Home)


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