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29/08/2013 h 22:00Casinò
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02/09/2013 h 17:00Darsena
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03/09/2013 h 19:00Giorgione, Cannaregio
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05/09/2013 h 09:00Casinò
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Official Selection
by Daniele Gaglianone
World premiere
Italy, 2013, 92', HD, color

Gino Clemente
Daniele Gaglianone, Claudia Russo
cinematography Gherardo Gossi
editing Enrico Giovannone
sound Stefano Campus
art direction Laura Boni
costumes Irene Amantini
cast Valerio Mastandrea (insegnante)
Bassirou Ballde, Mamon Bhuiyan, Gregorio Cabral, Jessica Canahuire Laura, Metin Celik, Pedro Savio De Andrade, Ahmet Gohtas, Benabdallha Oufa, Shadi Ramadan, Easther Sam, Shujan Shahjalal, Lyudmyla Temchenko, Moussa Toure, Issa Tunkara, Nazim Uddin, Mahbobeh Vatankhah, Remzi Yucel

Gianluca Arcopinto
production supervisor Valentina Del Buono
productions Axelotil Film, Kimerafilm, Relief
with Rai Cinema
with the support of MiBAC - Direzione Generale per il Cinema
with the patronage of Ministry of Integration

Axelotil Film
Valentina Del Buono
Ph. +39 06 45496945

press office Studio PuntoeVirgola
Flavia Schiavi +39 335 6793144
Olivia Alighiero +39 335 6303795

An actor plays a teacher holding Italian classes attended by a group of immigrants who play themselves. They're working in Italy and need to learn Italian to get their papers, become integrated, and make a living in their new home. Since they come from a variety of countries, each brings his or her own world into the classroom. During the shooting, however, something happens, and reality takes over: when the director shouts "Cut!", the whole cast invades the set. Now they all become actors in the same true story, all in one "true fiction " film: La mia classe.

"When Valerio looked me in the eye and said, ‘Gaglia, you have to be in the film, too,' I told him where to go. But then I realised he was right. I couldn't tell someone else what the director in the film was supposed to say or do; I had to put myself on the line, and on the screen. Making this film was a unique experience: every day on the set I kept saying we were risking disaster, but what we were doing was worth the risk, since either the film would work, or it would be a dud. There was no middle way. I was comforted and encouraged by the words of a twentieth-century Russian poet and writer, Daniil Charms, who said that the only poems worth writing are the ones that have verses you can hurl at a window and they'll break the glass." [Daniele Gaglianone]

Daniele Gaglianone (b. 1966 in Ancona, Italy) graduated in Film History and Criticism from the University of Turin. In the nineties he collaborated with the Archivio Nazionale Cinematografico della Resistenza (ANCR). In 1998 he contributed to the screenplay and assisted in directing with Gianni Amelio The Way We Laughed. After several short films, in 2001 he directed his first feature-length film Our Years, selected for the Directors' Fortnight and winner of the Jerusalem Film Festival. In 2004 his second feature film, Changing Destiny, was presented at the Venice Days and the following year won the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival as well as the Jury's Special Prize at the Taipei and Taiwan Film Festivals. Four years later he came back to documentaries with Rata Nece Biti, which won him a David di Donatello prize and the Jury's Special Prize at the Turin Film Festival. In 2010 he directed Pietro, which was screened in competition at the Locarno Film Festival. In 2011 his feature film Rust premiered at Venice Days, and Gaglianone was honoured with the Sergio Leone Prize at the Annecy Film Festival for his career to date.

2013 La mia classe
2011 Ruggine (Rust)
2010 Pietro
2008 Rata Nece Biti - La guerra non ci sarà (doc)
2004 Nemmeno il destino (Changing Destiny)
2001 I nostri anni (Our Years)


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