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29/08/2013 h 09:00Casinò
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03/09/2013 h 17:00Darsena
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06/09/2013 h 09:00Casinò
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Official Selection
by Juan Taratuto
International premiere 
Argentina, 2013, 93', HD, color

screenplay Juan Taratuto
cinematography Nico Hardy
editing Pablo Barbieri
sound Catriel Vildosola
art direction Marlene Lievendag
costumes Roberta Pesci
cast Diego Peretti (Eduardo)Claudia Fontán (Andrea)
Alfredo Casero (Mario)María Casali (Ana)Eugenia Aguilar (Cata)

executive producer Dolores Llosas
producers Juan Taratuto, Christian Cardoner
Mariano Gold, Mariano Suez, Axel Kuschevatzky
associate producers Alfredo Odorisio, Guillermo Tofoni
Concreto Films
Céspedes 3249 P.B. Loft, 0010, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ph. +54 11 45514700

Eduardo is an obsessive, efficient worker in the oil industry, disconnected from any type of emotion. He seems to have enclosed his history in one of the rooms of the house in which he lives in Rio Grande. His lonely routine is altered when he is called to go to Ushuaia for a few days. Getting there and meeting an old friend and his family becomes a real test in his life and opens a door that allows him to rebuild his past, his present and, perhaps, his future.

"I wanted to make a film about grief, a film which dealt with the intimate feeling that emerges with loss, in order to kill familiar ghosts which had no intention of retreating. It took me some time to understand that a great loss could also be a great opportunity: that life can present new possibilities, reveal unexpected horizons. La reconstrucción is such a possibility. It deals with the life of a man who had attempted to isolate himself from grief, a man who wanted to soothe his feelings by leaving everything and everyone behind. But life is full of surprises. When everything seems to point to a meager future, a door is opened. The forgotten man becomes the necessary man. The grief of others emerges as an invitation to re-connect. Life gives him a second chance, for which he doesn't think he is ready. A devastated family summons him. His past upsets him enough to at least try to redeem himself and make up for his previous errors, to free himself from an old grief which he has not been able to forget, even as he secluded himself in remote Patagonia. These things happen, but also pass. [Juan Taratuto]

Juan Taratuto (1971, Buenos Aires, Argentina) attended the city's Universidad del Cine. Before returning to the big screen with La reconstucciòn, a more experimental take on his previous style that gets into new areas, such as drama, he directed three films, It's Not You, It's Me (2004), Who Says It's Easy? (2007), and A Boyfriend for My Wife (2008), the last of which became a runaway hit in Argentina. A Clarín Award winner, Taratuto has also been honoured at festivals such as Lerida and Tubingen (Germany), among others. He directed the miniseries Blind Dating, which won the Martin Fierro Award as Best Miniseries in 2010 and was nominated for an International Emmy Award in the United States. Taratuto is also an acclaimed director of TV commercials.

2013 La reconstrucción
2010 Fallas de origen (sm)
2008 Un novio para mi mujer
2007 ¿Quién dice que es fácil?
2004 No sos vos, soy yo

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