2013: 10th edition

august 28
september 7

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LUX Prize: Valeria Golino
I read the book A nome tuo by Mauro Covacich three years ago. I found it to be a striking book. Very contemporary, painful and provoking, with a type of female character Italian literature and film haven't yet seen. I talked about it with Viola Prestieri and Riccardo Scamarcio and I put a request in to buy the book's rights. Initially, we were frightened. We weren't sure whether it might be too difficult for me to take on as a first film. [...]
LUX Prize: Felix van Groeningen
When I saw the play for the first time, I found it incredible and thought I should turn it into a movie. Then, I saw it again and said to myself: no, I'm not going to do it. Then six months later, I saw it again, I reread the text and finally, I decided I would do it [...]
LUX Prize: Clio Barnard
The story is about the dangers of excluding children, what gets lost when children are shut out, when their value is not recognised [...]
Richie Mehta
"In 2010, I met a man on the streets of Delhi, who asked me for help in finding a place called ‘Dongri.' I asked him what it was, and he told me he thought it was where he could find his lost son. He went on to tell me his story: that he sent his 12-year-old boy away to work, and never saw him again. Knowing that this man didn't have the ability, nor the means, to even properly inquire about his son is an unfathomable tragedy. He barely understood why this kind of thing happens, much less how. T [...]
Serena Nono
"Over and beyond its literary value and its philosophical and socio-historical significance, the form of this film is very important: with the fixedness of the images and the plain, hardly theatrical, acting I tried to preserve Simone Weil's stage directions. The writer conceived this play as a Greek tragedy, which explains my use of "classical" shots in a play where very little actually happens. For me, the challenge was filming Venezia salva with non-actors, people who speak other langu [...]
Javier Ruiz Caldera
"When I read the script for 3 Many Weddings, I fell hopelessly in love with the heroine. An awkward 30-something who loses it after a couple drinks, who is capable of not knowing the name of the guy in her bed the next morning, who gets dizzy spells with one too many joints... meaning, the perfect girl. And then if she were to go to the weddings of all her ex-boyfriends to prove to herself that she's not an embittered single female, we'd definitely have the makings of a really fun comedy. [...]

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