2014: 11th edition

august 27
september 6

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The SIAE Awards - Venice Days 2014

From the very start, SIAE has supported Venice Days, a strategy in keeping with the association's firm commitment to promoting Italian films.
Indeed, Venice Days, which is promoted by the Italian filmmakers' associations, represents the linchpin of SIAE's efforts to defend the rights of artists and foster creativity and the "discovery" of new generations of creative talent.

This year, on the occasion of the 11th edition of Venice Days, SIAE has decided to bestow a Special Prize on Stefano Sollima and Riccardo Tozzi to honor "a work of collective creation," as its accompanying remarks explain, "in which the filmmaker and producer are also the endpoint of a larger creative project and production, which, thanks to the power and originality of its approach and its innovativeness and relevance to the critical debate over the line between film and television, has placed Italy in the forefront of the art in Europe today."
The award bestowed on Stefano Sollima and Riccardo Tozzi is thus in recognition of their overall achievements and in particular their creation of the mini-series Gomorra, produced by Cattleya in association with Fandango.

Moreoever, this year as last, SIAE was eager to honor an Italian film on the Venice Days lineup for its experimentation with new styles, the originality of its expressive approach, and the filmmaker's contemporary relevance.
Consequently, the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers has decided to bestow the SIAE Innovation Award - Venice Days 2014 - on Rä di Martino "for her surprising The Show MAS Go On; the elegance, sheer entertainment, expressive power and creative force of this film bear witness to a true talent in the cinematic art, straddling reality and visual invention."

The two prizes will be handed to the winners tonight by Andrea Purgatori of the SIAE Oversight Board: the award to Sollima and Tozzi at 17:00 in the Sala Perla, before the screening of Labour of Love, and the award to Rä di Martino at 22:00 in the Sala Perla 2.

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