2014: 11th edition

august 27
september 6

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Queer Lion Award 2014 to Les nuits d'été

The pursuit of one's own identity is always a revolutionary act! It is so for the main character, when donning women's clothing while maintaining his bourgeois beliefs; it is so for his wife, through her emancipation and pacifistic ideals; and it is so for all the other characters, each of them in their own personal way, in a queer movie that manages to mix tradition and transgression in a very elegant manner.
For these reasons, the Queer Lion jury, chaired by Alessandro Zan and composed of Daniel N. Casagrande, creator of the award, and Marco Busato, general delegate of the cultural association CinemArte, bestows the 2014 Queer Lion Award for Best Film with Homosexual Issues and Queer Culture to Les nuits d'été, directed by Mario Fanfani, presented at the 11th edition of Venice Days.

The jury for the Queer Lion Award would like to express its appreciation for the remarkable number of LGBT-related films on the lineup of the 71st International Venice Film Festival. In addition to the 7 films in competition for the Queer Lion (The Smell of Us by Larry Clark, Les nuits d'été by Mario Fanfani, The Goob by Guy Myhill, Mita Tova - The Farewell Party by Sharon Maymon and Tal Granit, Métamorphoses by Christophe Honoré, Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere by Hoàng Nguyên Diep, and Pasolini by Abel Ferrara), also worthy of note are: The Humbling by Barry Levinson, Taipei Factory II by Hou Chi-Jan, Cho Li and Hsieh Chun-Yi, Red Amnesia by Wang Xiaoshuai, and Italy in a Day by Gabriele Salvatores.

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