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26/08/2014 h 22:00Perla
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Official Selection
by Christophe Honoré
World premiere
France, 2014, 102', color, DCP

screenplay Christophe Honoré
based on the poem Le metamorfosi
by Ovidio
cinematography André Chemetoff
editing Chantal Hymans
art direction Samuel Deshors
costumes Pascaline Chavanne
cast Amira Akili (Europe), Sébastien Hirel (Jupiter),
Damien Chapelle (Bacchus), 
Mélodie Richard (Junon),
George Babluani (Orphée), 
Vimala Pons (Atalante)
Matthis Lebrun (Actéon), 
Samantha Avrillaud (Diane), Coralie Rouet (Io)

producer Philippe Martin
production Les Films Pelléas

world sales MK2
55, rue traversière, 75012 Paris, France
Ph. + 33 1 44673030 - Fax + 33 1 43072963

press office
Manlin Sterner
Ph. +33 6 63763113

When Europe skips class to climb aboard an eight-wheel truck with a magnetic young man named Jupiter, little does she know of the journey of initiation that lies ahead of her.
"As a child, I experienced the pleasure of fiction thanks to my elder brother who would read Ovid's Metamorphoses to me in secret. I can still see us in that room we shared, him sitting cross-legged with the hefty volume on his lap, holding on to it for dear life with both hands for fear it might slip, while I took charge of the lighting, focusing on the pages the yellow beam of a flash lamp whose battery would inevitably die. [...] After eight feature films, I felt that the time had come to reimmerse myself in the vivid, timeless writing of Ovid. At a time in which the very mention of Greece immediately conjures up 'Greek debt', I felt it was urgent to remind ourselves of 'Greek heritage'." [Christophe Honoré]

Taking Ovid's classical collection of mythic tales of gods, magic & monsters, and turning them into a contemporary feature film is a, to say the least, ambitious, if not downright risky business. Nevertheless this doesn't seem to have daunted at all French filmmaker Christophe Honoré. Although appropriately set in a semi rural France, this is nonetheless a modern-day version of mythology, with a mainly young cast that relate in dress style and attitude to the here and now. Nonetheless, Honoré also boldly incorporates the magical transformations required by the stories; seamlessly stitching them together into his episodic but coherent film narrative version of Ovid and in so doing creating a unique, enchanting, slyly satiric and romantic movie. [Adrian Wootton]

CHRISTOPHE HONORÉ's first film, in 2002, was 17 fois Cécile Cassard, which screened at Cannes (Un Certain Regard). He followed it up with My Mother (2004), In Paris (2006) and Love Songs (2007), which premiered at Toronto, the Directors' Fortnight and in competition in Cannes, respectively. In 2008 he directed La belle personne, a screen adaptation of The Princess of Clèves by Madame de la Fayette. His 2009 film was Making Plans for Lena. In the next two years, his film Homme au bain screened at Locarno and The Beloved at Cannes. He has also co-written various films, including Novo by Jean-Pierre Limosin, Three Dancing Slaves and Après lui by Gaël Morel and Les deux amis by Louis Garrel. For the theater, Honoré has staged Les débutantes, Beautiful guys, Dionysos Impuissant and Nouveau Roman, among others.

2014 Métamorphoses
2011 Les bien-aimés
2010 Homme au bain
2009 Non ma fille, tu n'iras pas danser
2008 La belle personne
2008 Hôtel Kuntz (short)
2007 Les chansons d'amour
2006 Dans Paris
2004 Ma mère
2002 17 fois Cécile Cassard
2001 Nous deux (short)


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