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Official Selection
by Kim Ki-duk
Opening Film - Out of Competition
South Korea, 2014, 122', color, DCP

screenplay Kim Ki-duk
cinematography Kim Ki-duk
editing Kim Ki-duk
music Park Young-min
sound Do Won
art direction Hon Zi
costumes Lee Jin-sook
cast Don Lee (Shadow Leader)
Kim Young-min (Oh Hyun and 7 Others)
Lee Yi-kyung (Shadow 1)
Cho Dong-in (Shadow 2)
Yoo Teo (Shadow 3)
Ahn Ji-hye (Shadow 4)
Jo Jae-ryong (Shadow 5)
Kim Joong-ki (Shadow 6)

producer Kim Soon-mo
executive producer Kim Ki-duk
production Kim Ki-duk Film

world sales Finecut
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Ph. +82 25698777 - Fax +82 25699466

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Mob. +33 6 07258262
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Valerio Roselli
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A high school girl is brutally murdered. One of the 7 men behind the girl's murder gets abducted by some highly trained soldiers on his way home. He is tortured and forced to write a confession to the murder, then gets released. Regretting that he had once believed himself to be invincible, the man suffers from the terrors that now oppress him. However, he later learns that other assailants in the murder case have also been abducted, tortured, and some have even committed suicide. So he follows one, and discovers the hiding place of his and their persecutors, the Shadows.
"Who is Oh Min-ju, the high school girl who gets murdered at the beginning of the film? The audience of the film will probably each have a 'murdered Oh Min-ju' of their own. Whatever or whoever that may be, they must have their own 'Oh Min-ju' in order to watch this film to the end. And they then will accept or reject the ending." [Kim Ki-duk]

A case of "ordinary violence", and an intrigue so twisted that it seems well nigh impossible to disentangle. The crux of the film lies solely in the decision the protagonist will have to make when he has arrived in Hell. Only those who let themselves die inside can really understand the truth of the denunciation, and the horror, of this tale. And accepting its consequences is no easier for the audiences than it is for the characters on the screen. An instant movie, low budget by design, this is the political cinema you weren't expecting. Surprising, above all, because the filmmaker makes a move that may be in keeping with the Kim Ki-duk fans love the most, but here serves to slice into that tangled web of ordinary folly like a knife, hacking its way to the hidden truth. For Venice Days heading into its second decade, One on One definitely epitomizes the spirit of the event. [Giorgio Gosetti]
After studying art in Paris, KIM KI-DUK (1960, Bonghwa, South Korea) returned to South Korea and began his career as a screenwriter. He made his directorial debut with a low-budget movie, Crocodile, in 1996. Since then, he has been hailed by both critics and audiences for his hard-to-express characters, shocking visuals, and unprecedented messages. He continued making internationally acclaimed films such as Samaritan Girl(Silver Bear award for Best Director at Berlin 2004), 3-Iron (Silver Lion Award for Best Director at Venice 2004), Arirang (Un Certain Regard Prize at Cannes 2011). Most notably, Pieta won the Golden Lion Award for Best Film at the 2012 Venice Film Festival.

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