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Official Selection
by Felice Farina
World premiere
Italy, 2014, 89', color, DCP

screenplay Beba Slijepcevich, Luca D'Ascanio
Felice Farina, Dino Giarrusso
based on the book Patria 1978-2010
by Enrico Deaglio
cinematography Roberto Cimatti
animation Giuseppe Ragazzini
editing Esmeralda Calabria
music Valerio C. Faggioni
sound Maricetta Lombardo
art direction Nino Formica
costumes Antonella Balsamo
cast Francesco Pannofino (Salvo)
Roberto Citran (Giorgio), Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini (Luca)

executive producer Eduardo Rumolo
production Nina Film
with the support of MiBACT - Direzione Generale per il Cinema

world sales Nina Film
viale Ippocrate, 116, 00161, Rome, Italy
Ph. +39 06 4455392
press office
Istituto Luce Cinecittà
Marlon Pellegrini
Ph. + 39 06 72286407
Mob. +39 334 9500619

A factory worker, Salvo, climbs up to the top of the tower overlooking the plant he works in - to protest against its closing, or maybe just out of blind rage - and threatens to jump. Another worker, Giorgio, who's a trade unionist diametrically opposed to Salvo's views, goes up there, too, to talk him down. Luca, the partially blind, autistic watchman, rounds out the trio in the tower. In one night, the three retrace the history of the last thirty years in their country.
"I got around the basic documentary format by trying an experiment based on what I remember about a film I love, Resnais' Hiroshima mon amour: the way it connects fragments of archive footage to tell a contemporary story, merging them into a whole by synchronizing the emotions triggered by history and those stirred by the action in the scene. The result is indefinite, no less than the ocean of memory with its lights and shadows." [Felice Farina]

Who but Felice Farina could have turned Enrico Deaglio's counterstory, Patria, into a palpable cinematic experience of live feelings and live memory? An almost accidental protest by two workers and an enlightened madman becomes the dialogue between an Italian (Citran), an "anti-Italian" (Pannofino) and a third sitting on the fence (Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini). Farina locks them up in one tower, from which they toss out everything they hate and realize that in their differences - the legacy of the "post-ideological era," more of a reflex reaction than a true reflection - they are similar. All of Italy's failings over the past three decades appear in their discussions and in flashbacks, archive footage that captures Italy's imaginative decadence like an iconography in motion. Until Roberto Baggio and solidarity make their appearance. Farina well knows that united, workers stand, and that fighting power takes a backseat to stopping the have-nots from fighting each other. [Boris Sollazzo]

FELICE FARINA (Rome, 1954) experienced firsthand the heyday of Rome's avant-garde theatre as an actor while simultaneously developing a strong interest in animation, photography, art installations and visual effects. He began his directing career making shorts and industrial documentaries and in the 1980s and 90s created and filmed several programs for Raidue and Raitre. In 1986 he made his feature debut with Sembra morto è solo svenuto. He also builds and designs accessories for film cameras, including various kinds of dollies.

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