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02/09/2014 h 22:00Perla 2
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03/09/2014 h 09:00Perla
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Official Selection
by Peter Hoogendoorn
First Feature, world premiere
The Netherlands, 2014, 67', color, DCP

screenplay Peter Hoogendoorn
cinematography Gregg Telussa
editing Tom Denoyette
music Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva
sound Srdjan Kurpjel
art direction Ben Zuydwijk
costumes Sophie van den Keybus
cast Raymond Thiry (Father Gerard), Nasrdin Dchar (Police Officer)
Olga Louzgina (Mother Irina), Cynthia Abma (Female Police Officer)
Elise van't Laar (Girlfriend Katja), Ko Zandvliet (Son Mike)

producers Keren Cogan, Petra Goedings, Maaike Benschop
productions Keren Cogan Films, Phanta Film
coproducers Philippe Avril, Tomas Leyers, Mylene Verdurmen
Simone van den Ende, Guy & Wilfried Van Baelen
coproductions Unlimited, Minds Meet
AVRO, Mollywood

contact Keren Cogan Films & Phanta Film
Gijsbrecht van Aemstelstraat 16-18, 1091 TC Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A piece of news, delivered by two officers in a police car, changes the lives of a family forever. As the journey to track down the next of kin progresses, the vehicle becomes more and more crowded with family members, picked up from home, work, the hairdressers. As they sit in the backseat, alone with their thoughts, what they thought they knew about life, about relationships, has been violently altered.
"There are no codes or rules about how to deal with loss. All that is left is to travel through time and space. A journey through a vacuum, stripped of all irrelevancies." [Peter Hoogendoorn]

When one receives bad news, suddenly, everything loses its meaning. How can this be shown on screen? The director plays a cruel game with his viewer. We witness the very moment of delivering bad news. But this is not the end. The news must be passed on to another character. This makes for an acute suspense: we already know the contents of the message, while this next character does not. Is this the pornography of pain? An exposure of helplessness? Hoogendoom draws on his own biography, tries to cure his own trauma - his first short film tells a similar story. One could say: this is how the world devoid of God looks like, but this would sound too pretentious, too bombastic. This minimalistic movie, straight as a straight line, depends entirely on an act of compassion. This is what fills in the void that Hoogendoom reveals before our eyes. [Tadeusz Sobolewski]

Dutch writer/director PETER HOOGENDOORN graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in 2009 with a short film, Wes, which was well-received and won several awards. The following year, Hoogendoorn was invited to the Binger Filmlab to work on his project Between 10 and 12, for which he also received support from the Dutch Film Fund; it would be selected for the CineMart at the 2011 Rotterdam Film Festival. In 2012 Hoogendoorn made his next short film Show Me Love, which premiered at the 2012 Dutch Film Festival. Between 10 and 12 is his debut feature.

2014 Tussen 10 en 12
2012 Show Me Love (short)
2009 Wes (short)


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