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Submissions for the year 2017 are now closed

Giornate degli Autori
14th edition - Venice, August 30st - September 9th, 2017
on the occasion of the 74. Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica

Article 1.
The Fourteen edition of Giornate degli Autori, promoted by ANAC (The National Association of Filmmakers) and by the authors of Associazione 100autori, will take place in September 2017, during the 74. Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia.

Article 2. Submissions requirements
Except for special cases, all feature films submitted to the Giornate degli Autori must fulfill the following requirements:
1) only long features, documentaries and tv series are accepted. Short films are not eligible.
2) Films should have been produced after September 30, 2016;
3) Films must be screened in DCP, if selected;
4) Films should not have been screened in Italy in theatres, nor distributed in home video, nor broadcasted on television, nor streamed on the Internet;
5) Films should not have been presented, out of their country of origin, to any International festival or major film event (except in the context of only one film market). Italian films must be World Premieres.

Article 3. Selection and programming
Films presented to Giornate degli Autori are chosen under the responsibility of the Director, who is appointed by ANAC and by the Associazione 100autori. The Director is the sole responsible of the calendar and the programming.

Article 4. Pre-selection
- Submissions are free of charge.
- Deadline is Friday, June 23th 2017.
- An Entry Form filled must accompany each submitted film. You may >click here< to open it.
- A link for streaming or 3 copies of DVD or Blu-Ray screeners must be sent.
DVD or Blu-Ray submitted to the pre-selection must be delivered to:
Giornate degli Autori
Via Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, 107 - 00185 Roma, Italy
Tel +39 06 8603111
The shipped screener must necessarily contain (on the cover or in an accompanying document) the following information: title of the film, director's name, country of origin and duration.
- For pre-selection are requested subtitles in English or Italian.
- On the pro-forma invoice required for shipments originating out of the European Union, please mention: "For cultural purpose only - Not for commercial use".
- Shipments by courier must be done with all costs at sender's charge.

Article 5. DCP submitted to pre-selection
For all films submitted to pre-selection of Giornate degli Autori, shipping, insurance and duty fees are all at submitter's charge for both the incoming and return shipments. Address of delivery for DCP must be agreed with Giornate degli Autori before the shipment.

Article 6. Subtitling
6.1 All films selected by Giornate degli Autori must be presented in Venice in the original version with English subtitles on the print.
6.2 Producer engages to provide to Giornate degli Autori within August 5th the spotting list and a screener of the film, required for the electronic subtitling in Italian (or English if the language of origin of the film is Italian). This subtitling is at Giornate degli Autori charge, made exclusively for the Giornate degli Autori film presentation.

Article 7. Prints of selected films
Unless exceptions are provided, prints of the films screened at Giornate degli Autori must be in DCP only, in perfect technical conditions. Verification of the quality must be done before the delivery in Venice.
7.1 Shipping expenses
All transport costs to and from the Festival (including transport costs from Venice airport to Venice Lido and custom charges for films sent from outside the European Union), are to be borne by the participants.
7.2 Delivery addresses
Film prints sent within the European Union must be addressed directly to:
Giornate degli Autori c/o La Biennale di Venezia Settore Cinema
Palazzo del Cinema, Lungomare Marconi, 30126 Lido di Venezia, Italy
Tel. +39 041 2726501; Fax +39 041 2726520 c/c Giornate degli Autori
Film prints sent from outside the European Union through the official shipping agent of the Biennale may be granted the status of temporary import, for the exclusive participation of a film at the Festival. Films sent by air freight must be addressed to the official shipping agent of the Biennale:
SATTIS - Via Roma 19/5 - 30174 Mestre-Venezia (Italia)
Destination: Aeroporto Marco Polo
Tel. tel. + 39 041 5299111 fax +39 041 5299112, c/c Giornate degli Autori
7.3 Shipping Insurance
All insurance costs covering the transport of films to and from the Festival are to be borne by those presenting the films.
7.4 Insurance
The organizers will provide an "all risks" insurance coverage for the prints for the entire period. The insurance value of a film may not exceed the average laboratory cost for a standard print. Furthermore, all necessary measures will be taken to safeguard the author's copyright protection.

Article 8. Screeners
All screeners received are not sent back by Giornate degli Autori. Exceptions can be made upon request of the sender and agreed reshipments can take place only at submitter's charge.
All required measures will be taken to safeguard the author's copyright protection. After July 31st 2017, all screeners will be destroyed by Giornate degli Autori.

Article 9. Selected films
Producers must provide for each selected film the publicity materials required for the press conference, the official catalogue and the websites of Giornate degli Autori and of La Biennale, as well as for press and TV journalists.
In particular the following must be sent to the Giornate degli Autori office in Rome, not later than July, 15th:
- Trailer or Clips for broadcasters, digital file maximum weight 300 Mb
- a minimum of 5 high resolution stills of the film
- a minimum of 1 high resolution photo of the director
- 1 synopsis of the film
- 1 bio/CV of the director
- director's note
- 1 electronic version of the pressbook, possibly in English and Italian.
All materials provided will remain available on the Giornate degli Autori web site with no time limitation and on the digital press boxes of Biennale.
Within August 5th, must be provided materials for subtitling (see #6).
Also to the Giornate degli Autori office in Rome must be sent not later than August, 15th a minimum of 200 copies in English and 100 copies in Italian of the pressbook.
It is also strongly advised to contact the Press Office of the Mostra (pressmaterial@labiennale.org) to agree the distribution of promotional materials for the journalists with accreditation at the Mostra through their press boxes.

Article 10. Dates, times and locations of the screenings
The program of Giornate degli Autori will be communicated to participants in August 2017. Dates, times and locations of the screenings may be changed by Giornate degli Autori without limitation, upon previous communication to the persons concerned.
If Giornate degli Autori wishes, a press screening of selected films can be organized prior to the festival. No opposition by the rights owner is possible.

Article 11. Media Partners and Photocall
The directors of the films undertake to be interviewed during the festival by all the Media Partners of Giornate degli Autori. In addition, it is required to attend an official Photocall comprising both the director and the cast of the film. The planning of these activities will be communicated before the beginning of the festival.

Article 12. Awards
The Official Awards of Giornate degli Autori are:
* the "Giornate degli Autori Award", given by the Official Jury of Giornate degli Autori, headed by a filmmaker and composed by the participants to the program 28 Times Cinema of the European Parliament. The award consists is accompanied by a cash prize of € 20,000, to be split equally between the filmmaker and the film's international distributor, who agrees to use the sum received to promote the winning film internationally.
* the "BNL People's Choice Award" for the films of the Official Selection, offered by BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, Main Sponsor of Giornate degli Autori.
* the "Label Europa Cinemas", dedicated to films produced and co-produced in Europe. The Label was created by a network of high-calibre European exhibitors, with the support of the EU's MEDIA Programme. It consists of a financial contribution towards distribution and promotion, as well as a guarantee for the winning film that it will be shown in the cinemas belonging to the network.
* All first feature films presented at Giornate degli Autori are eligible for the "Luigi De Laurentiis" Award (Lion of the Future), organized and promoted by the Mostra, granting 100.000 USD.
* All the films participating to the Days are also in competition for the parallel awards, with a ceremony due to take place on the last day of the Festival.

Article 13. Additional Screenings
All films selected by Giornate degli Autori shall be screened at "Esterno Notte" event, organized by Comune di Venezia and Circuito Cinema Venezia&Mestre, "Venezia a Roma" (Venice in Rome) and "Panoramiche Milanesi" (Venice in Milan) events, organized by Agis-Anec in cooperation with the Mostra, with no exception. The producer of each film must inform the Italian right owner, if existing, and the International sales agent of this obligatory further screening. No screening fee is payable for these two screenings, which represent the 4th and 5th of the five screenings allowed by FIAPF regulations to festivals.
Giornate degli Autori may be invited to hold repetition screenings elsewhere in Italy or abroad, in agreement with the right owners.

Article 14. Promotion
The producer of each film selected at Giornate degli Autori engages to include the logo of Giornate degli Autori in all promotional materials accompanying the commercial release of his film in any country (posters, trailers, theatrical prints, DVD, Blu-ray, streaming video, etc.). Giornate degli Autori logo can be required sending an e-mail to com@venice-days.com.

Article 15. Responsibilities of the organizers
Giornate degli Autori engage to use the information provided on the entry forms according to the Italian Privacy Act (D.Lgs.196/2003).
Giornate degli Autori declines any responsibility for registration applications not received.
The Association Giornate degli Autori has the right to settle any and all cases not mentioned in the present regulations. It has the right to suspend, cancel or postpone the event or to modify the regulations, at any time, according to the requirements of its exploitation. No compensation of any kind can be made to the participants.
Participation to Giornate degli Autori implies the full acceptance of the aforementioned regulations.
These regulations and entry form are only valid for Giornate degli Autori selection. Selections for other sections of the Mostra are processed by distinct entities:
- Venezia 74, Orizzonti: Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica (www.labiennale.org)
- Settimana Internazionale della Critica (www.sicvenezia.it): Sindacato Nazionale Critici Cinematografici Italiani (www.sncci.it)


Art. 1) Giornate degli Autori presents the world premieres of an international selection of feature-length films, one of which, each year, is assigned the Giornate degli Autori Award. The award goes to the film considered to be of greatest significance in terms of its creative power and the originality of its contents and style.

Art. 2) The award consists of an expressly-designed trophy handed to the filmmaker and a cash prize of €20,000, to be split equally between the filmmaker (of the winning film) and the film's international distributor (or, in the absence of which, the majority producer), who agrees to use the sum received to promote the winning film internationally. Said amount will be deposited via wire transfer no later than 90 days after the event.

Art. 3) The jury that will bestow the award, at its sole discretion, on one film only (no splitting of prizes allowed) is composed of 28 young viewers, one from each European Union country, jointly selected by the European Parliament Commission on Culture and Education and Europa Cinemas (Media Programme). The jurors agree to view all the feature films selected for the competition by the Giornate degli Autori General Delegate, observe the secrecy of all the jury debates, and accept the final verdict, even if it is made by a majority of the voters and not unanimously.

Art. 4) The President of the jury is chosen from among a shortlist of the world's leading filmmakers. He or she oversees the jury's activities and is assisted by another film personality (known as the "tutor"), as well as the office staff for the jury. The jury president's choice for best film receives five votes during the final deliberations.

Art. 5) The Tutor is also selected from a shortlist of international film personalities with special qualifications regarding contemporary filmmaking. He or she assists the members of the jury and coordinates at least 3 of their discussions during the Festival. The Tutor has the right to express his or her own opinions in both the private sessions and the final deliberations open to the public, but may not vote him or herself.

Art. 6) During its preliminary sessions, the jury will devise a shortlist (maximum 3 titles) which will be discussed in the final session. If no film receives two thirds of the votes, the winning title of the 3 pre-selected will be voted by a simple majority (50% of the voters); in this case, the President's vote will count double and will be decisive.

Art. 7) The final session at which the Giornate degli Autori Award will be assigned will be open to the public and members of the press (with no interventions allowed until the verdict is proclaimed). Moreover, the session will be live-streamed in the language used by the jury for its deliberations (English). The discussion, at which the titles in the shortlist will be reviewed, will be limited to 90 minutes and must necessarily conclude with the bestowing of the award on a single film (no splitting of the prize allowed).

Art. 8) The jury president's choice for best film will receive 5 votes during the final deliberations. If no candidate for best film receives two-thirds of the votes, a run-off vote will be held, in which a film can win with a majority (+50% of the votes). Voting by proxy is not allowed.

Art. 9) The jury will be available to discuss the outcome of the voting process immediately after the winner is announced, answering any questions put by the press or the public.

Art. 10) The international distributor of the winning film (or, in the absence of which, the film's majority producer) agrees to provide the Giornate degli Autori Award with maximum visibility in all promotional material concerning the film, and to bring the award to the attention of the national distributors acquiring rights to the film.
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