2015: 12th edition
september 2 - 12

09/09/2015 h 16:30Perla
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Viva Ingrid!

by Alessandro Rossellini
Italy, 2015, 19', color, b/w, DCP
World Premiere
Angelica Grizi
Patrizia Penzo
Nicola Puglielli
Isabella Rossellini

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Original newsreels, clips from Roberto Rossellini films starring the actress, and above all, astonishing home movies made largely by Ingrid Bergman herself: they all go into this story of the great Hollywood star's Italian years, from 1948 to 1956. Eight years that cover her memorable love affair with Roberto Rossellini, their three children and five unforgettable films. It's an Italian journey through Ingrid's eyes, here in an unusual role as "director", and an emotional and at times exotic look at the country, part family life, part Dolce Vita. The narrator for the occasion is the actress herself, in interviews and other stock footage, with the exception of a letter to Roberto Rossellini which is the stuff of legend, read by their daughter Isabella.
"Bringing together the images and the stories of those long ago days, and seeing the faces of my family members as children, wasn't just moving; it changed those passed-down memories into personal memories, real ones, almost as if I'd traveled in a time machine. That's the magic of cinema." [Alessandro Rossellini]

ALESSANDRO ROSSELLINI (Rome, 1963) got off to an early start assisting directors like Federico Fellini and Pasquale Squitieri in Italy and Martin Scorsese and David Lynch in the United States. In the U.S. he also took up photography, learning the ropes by working with the likes of Bruce Weber, Michel Comte and Marco Glaviano. Once back in Italy, he contributed photographs to various magazines including Vogue Italia, Amica and Venerdì di Repubblica. He now divides his time between photography and documentaries.

2015 Viva Ingrid! (short)



09/09/2015 h 16:30Perla
Tickets, All Accreditations
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