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september 2 - 12

12/09/2015 h 11:30Pasinetti
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by Kristina Grozeva & Petar Valchanov
Bulgaria, Greece, 2014, 110', color, DCP
First Feature

Kristina Grozeva
Petar Valchanov
Krum Rodriguez
Petar Valchanov
Dobromir Hristoskov
Veselin Zografov
art direction
Vanina Geleva
Kristina Tomova

Margita Gosheva
Ivan Burnev
Ivanka Bratoeva
Ivan Savov
Deya Todorova
Stefan Denolyubov

Magdelena Ilieva
Abraxas Film
Kristina Grozeva
Konstantina Stavrianou
Petar Valchanov
Irini Vougioukalou
Poli Angelova
Graal Films
Little Wing
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Lisa Menga

In a small Bulgarian town, Nadezhda, a young teacher, is looking for the thief in her class so she can teach him or her a lesson about right and wrong. But when she gets into debt to loan sharks, can she find the right way out herself? What makes a decent human being become a criminal?
"The Lesson is the first film in a trilogy, and we hope to shoot the second feature in 2015 or 2016. [...] We will continue to work together because we enjoy it and it is much more fun. We feel freer in a way, and that makes us feel more daring. We don't think: ‘Oh my God, it's all dependent on me! What if I make a mistake?' We both know that if one of us goes too far, the other will be there to make things right. We know that if one of us is hesitant, the other will boost his or her confidence, and that if you start drowning, there is someone there to pull you out. If you have a beautiful idea, the other one is always there to help you develop it. If the idea sucks, there is someone there to reject it." [Kristina Grozeva & Petar Valchanov, in an interview with Stefan Dobroiu on Cineuropa.org]

KRISTINA GROZEVA graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Sofia in 2000 and, like PETAR VALCHANOV, another degree in film and TV directing from the National Film School (NATFA). In 2010, after scoring a number of individual successes, the two filmmakers teamed up to co-direct the film for TVForced Landing. Three years later, they made the short Jump, which won the European Film Academy Short Film Award at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and was nominated for a European Film Award. The Lesson, their debut feature, has received kudos at several festivals; it screened at Toronto and San Sebastian, in the Emerging Filmmakers section, winning the Kutxa-New Directors' Award.

2014 Urok (The Lesson)
2013 Skok (short, Jump)
2010 Avariyno katzane (film tv, Forced Landing)

2009 Gap (short)
2008 Ptitzi bozhii (short, Birds of Heaven)
2006 Igra (short)
2005 Poslednata pastirka (short)
2004 Toshka i Toshko (short)

2008 Semeyna terapiya (short, Family Therapy)
2005 Uloveni (short, Captured)
2004 Vazkresenie (short, Resurrection)



12/09/2015 h 11:30Pasinetti
Tickets, All Accreditations

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