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september 2 - 12

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Official Selection

Early Winter

by Michael Rowe
Australia, Canada, 2015,  96', color, DCP
World Premiere
Michael Rowe
Nicolas Canniccioni
Geoff Lamb
Amy Bastow
Simon Hicks
art direction
Pierre Allard
Alexandra Sawicki

Paul Doucet (David)
Suzanne Clément (Maya)
Micheline Lanctôt (Lucille)
Lise Martin (Dominique)
Alexandre Marine (Alexandre)
Michel Riendeau (Sergei)
Ambrosio de Luca (Maxim)
Céline Bonnier (Julie)
Didier Lucien (Jean-François)
Jane Gilchrist (Henriette)
Maxime Laferrière (André)

Serge Noël
Trish Lake
Possibles Média
Freshwater Pictures
Dan Lake
executive producer
Richard Cohen
with the participation
Téléfilm Canada
Screen Queensland
financed with the assistance of
Film and Television Tax Credit - Gestion SODEC
Screen Australia
Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) Premiere Fund
Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

world sales
Pyramide International
5, rue du Chevalier de St George 75008 Paris, France
Ph. +33 1 42960101

Press Office
Magali Montet
Mobile. + 33 6 71 63 36 16
Florence Debarbat
+33 6 75 28 99 95

David, a man in his forties, lives a predictable life with his wife Maya and their two children. To please his wife with the latest gadgets, he works solitary shift work, days and nights, as a janitor in a retirement home. But when he begins to suspect that Maya is having an affair, he starts to lose ground, his past threatening to smash everything in his path.
"At the end of the day, happiness and living well don't have a whole lot to do with circumstances, but rather with knowing how to be happy and how to interact with the people around you. I think we often get trapped in these emotional cycles... These are issues I explore in Early Winter. [...] As a scriptwriter and director, it's so wonderful and enriching to build a narrative together with two people who have also been building and structuring characters for 20 years, and are experts at it. I don't understand why more directors don't work this way." [Michael Rowe]

MICHAEL ROWE studied English post-colonial literature at La Trobe University in Melbourne. He started his artistic career as a poet, winning the Melbourne Fringe Festival Poetry Prize. He then moved to theater and wrote three plays. In 1994, at the age of 23, he traveled to Mexico and made it his adoptive home. In 1998, while in Mexico, he began a career as a journalist while studying screenwriting at a Vincente Leņero workshop. In 2006, he directed his first short film, Cacahuates. Silencio followed in 2007. In 2010, he directed Leap Year, which garnered him the Camera d'Or prize for Best Debut Feature at Cannes. His follow-up film, The Well, premiered at the Rome Film Festival in 2013.

2015 Early Winter
2013 Manto Acuifero (The Well)
2010 Aņo Bisiesto (Leap Year)
2007 Silencio (short)
2006 Cacahuates (short)



01/09/2015 h 11:30Perla
Press, Industry

03/09/2015 h 11:30Perla
Tickets, All Accreditations
Followed by Q&A

04/09/2015 h 11:30Perla
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