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06/09/2016 h 16:00Villa degli Autori
Free Entrance

Faccio cose, vedo gente

Tuesday, September 6 at 4 p.m., Villa degli Autori, free admission. A book about classic film lines, in the form of a stage performance by Giovanni Bogani, Nicola Pecci and Lidia Dragone.
Films gift us with millions of words. Some useless, others extraordinary. They seem to have been written for us alone: for the way we are, the way we were and the way we'd like to be. There are lines from films that are etched on our souls. The words actors utter in films? They're saying them to us. They're the currency of the heart to be kept in the wallet of our days and spent when the moment is right. When we need to give a feeling a name, for example. Words in films are parts of a mirror in which we see our reflection and that of the world as well.
Faccio cose, vedo gente, by Giovanni Bogani, published by apice libri.



06/09/2016 h 16:00Villa degli Autori
Free Entrance

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