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Miu Miu Women’s Tales


by Hiam Abbass
World premiere
Italy, France, 2013, 7'

Lubna Azabal, Roberto Zibetti
Patrizia Schiavone, Biagio Barone
music Luciano Cucinella, Ernest Lanzafame
Fabrizio Piazza, Alexandre Vella
hair Bartolo Picone
make-up Alessandra Vita, Gaetano Pusanti

executive producers Max Brun, Giorgio Guzzi
productions Hi! Production, NCN

press office 
Miu Miu
Ph. +39 02 3498121

Palestinian female director Hiam Abbass contemplates the transformative power of clothes, music and dance in a charming, evocative study of the women of the Sicilian city of Palermo. In the Vucciria, the heart of Palermo's historic old city, strains of quintessentially Italian traditional music drift into a dressmaker's workshop on the warm breeze, carrying the anticipation of the long summer evening, and perhaps a little magic too. The dressmaker sews, creating a mysterious collection of traditional puppet costumes, while the square below comes alive with music and dancing. As a cast of vibrant women rise and join the musicians in a crescendo of spinning polka dots and clapping metallic suede heels, the dressmaker looks on, leaving us to wonder who really pulls the strings of this intoxicating fiesta.

"Coincidence… I was visiting Palermo when I received the invitation to direct one of the Miu Miu Women's Tales. It was clear that Palermo had to be my set, my story. Her women were to be my characters, her puppets were to be my inspiration. This city contains beauty, history, an amazing tradition that makes one smile. Certainly a space where imagination meets the creations of a great designer and makes her collection dance in the magical universe of the Sicilian capital." [Hiam Abbass]

Hiam Abbass (1960, Nazareth, Palestine) lived in Galilee until the late 1980s when she moved to Paris and began her acting career. The feature films she has since been in include Rashid Masharawi's Haïfa (1995), Raja Amari's Satin Rouge (2002), Hany Abu-Assad's Academy Award-nominated Paradise Now (2005), Steven Spielberg's Munich (2005), Amos Gitai's Free Zone (2005) and Disengagement (2007). Hiam Abbass performed in two films by Israeli director Eran Riklis, The Syrian Bride and Lemon Tree. She was critically acclaimed for her performance opposite Academy Award nominee Richard Jenkins in Thomas McCarthy's The Visitor (2007). Before her debut as a film director with Heritage, premiered at Venice Days 2012, Abbass directed and wrote two short films, Le pain and La Danse éternelle.



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