Lux Prize


by Rok Biček
Slovenia, 2013, 112', color, DCP

screenplay Nejc Gazvoda
Rok Biček, Janez Lapajne
cinematography Fabio Stoll
editing Janez Lapajne, Rok Biček
music and sound Julij Zornik, Peter Žerovnik
art direction Danijel Modrej
costumes Bistra Borak
cast Igor Samobor (Robert)
Nataša Barbara Gračner (Zdenka)
Tjaša Železnik (Saša), Maša Derganc (Nuša)
Robert Prebil (Matiaž), Voranc Boh (Luka)
Jan Zupančič (Tadej), Daša Cupevski (Sabina)

producers Aiken Veronika Prosenc, Janez Lapajne
production Triglav Film
coproduction Slovenski Filmski Center

world sales Triglav Film
Bernikova 3, 1230 Domžale, Slovenia
Ph. +386 41 799800 - Fax +386 41 799800

Due to a huge difference in the way they perceive life, the relationship between the students at a Slovenian high school and their new German language teacher becomes fraught. When one of the students commits suicide, her classmates blame the German teacher for her death.
"I wanted the movie to reflect life and, in life, nothing is black or white. Good and evil are always linked. The identification of who is right or wrong is emotional. The film is like an emotional slalom between the students and the teachers, the parents and the students, the parents and the teachers and the teachers amongst themselves. The parents want what is good for their children by giving them freedom and imposing no parental authority, but that doesn't help them prepare for the life they will have to face. The teacher is harsh with them and that is also for their own good. He coldly makes them face their own responsibilities." [Rok Biček]

ROK BIČEK (1985, Novo Mesto, Slovenia), a graduate of the University of Ljubljana, learned the ropes as a filmmaker at PoEtika, a directing workshop conducted by Janez Lapajne. His shorts - Življenje (Life, 2004), Družina (The Family, 2007), Dan v Benetkah (Day in Venice, 2008), Lov na race (Duck Hunting, 2010), Nevidni prah (Invisible Dust, 2010) - have won numerous festival awards. Class Enemy (2013), which premiered at the Venice International Film Critics' Week, is his feature directorial debut.


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