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For the third year running, the Venice Days Award will be given by a rather special jury: the 28 young Europeans participating in the 28 Times Cinema initiative. The project, which is in its seventh edition this year, is promoted by Venice Days, the LUX Prize of the European Parliament, and the Europa Cinemas network of arthouse cinemas, in partnership with Cineuropa.
28 Times Cinema was born in 2010 out of the need to involve and consult the new generations, who are perceived as increasingly disinterested in going to arthouse cinemas, and in arthouse film in general. Over the last few years, twenty-eight young people between the ages of 18 and 25, each from a different country in the European Union, have been invited to Venice to get a glimpse into the workings of the oldest festival in Europe, enriching it with their original perspectives. This initiative continues to demonstrate, year on year, that young people are interested in independent film, both European and non-European. For 24-year-old Dutchman Matthijs van der Veer, there's no doubt about it: "Arthouse film is seen as an old and boring product. Putting it back centre-stage is the first step towards reigniting people's interest in it".
Curiosity over the new has always animated the debates that are held at the Villa degli Autori. To keep order in the ranks of such a large and varied jury, Venice Days has borrowed the artistic director of the Karlovy Vary Festival, Karel Och, to act as coordinator. "For me, looking forward to being at the Venice Film Festival means looking forward to spending time with a group of young people who love the art of film, and whose genuine opinions of the films are a breath of fresh air and a rare source of enrichment".
The jury will be presided over this year by the ingenious Canadian writer, photographer and director Bruce LaBruce, who attended Venice Days back in 2013 with Gerontophilia.
For fifteen days, 17 girls and 11 boys from all over Europe, united by their passion for film, will compare notes on eleven films in the running for the Venice Days Award, and on current hot topics on the European film scene. It's a completely miscellaneous group made up of a lot of kids who have just left school, university students studying film and animation, journalists, bloggers (Adrià Guxens Chaparro's blog has more than 400,000 followers), musicians and actors, as well as historians, engineers and jacks of all trades like Czech Jakub Brych, who is a shop assistant and dishwasher by day, and a projectionist by night. Some of them have already found a way into the film industry: Hungarian Mónika Bajnóczi has worked for two years as an editorial assistant with FIPRESCI, French jury member Elvire Munoz writes screenplays for Belgian television, Maj Rafferty (Denmark) directs and produces music videos, including for big Scandinavian productions, Romanian Carla Fotea works at the production company set up by Cristian Mungiu, Steven Armour (UK) runs the LGBT short films programme at one of Edinburgh's biggest cinemas, and Swedish representative Clara Gower manages, along with three other volunteers, the entire programme of the only arthouse cinema in her town.
It is this exchange of passion, cultures, professions and languages that will shape the verdict deciding the winner of the XIII edition of Venice Days.

Austria Luzia Johow
Belgium Tamar Cachet
Bulgaria Paraskevi Karageorgu
Cyprus Polina Zelmanova
Croatia Matej Sudarić
Denmark Maj Rafferty
Estonia Eva Liisa Sepp
Finland Linn Hielm
France Elvire Munoz
Germany Cora Frischling
Greece Evangelos Dimopoulos
Ireland Beth Hayden
Italy Bianca Ariani
Latvia Patricija Marija Keisa
Lithuania Vladas Rožėnas
Luxembourg Kiyan Agadjani
Malta Sarah Chircop
Netherlands David Evert Matthijs van der Veer
Poland Kamil Klamut
Portugal Isabel Pestana
Czech Republic Jakub Brych
Romania Carla Fotea
Slovakia Gregor Petrikovič
Slovenia Tomi Petek
Spain Adrià Guxens Chaparro
Sweden Clara Gower
UK Steven Armour
Hungary Mónika Bajnóczi

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