China and Europe seal deal

The Villa degli Autori was the setting for the signing of a historic agreement that will see China invest $600m in European films, and much of that in Italian films. The president of the Shanghai Film Art Academy, Jiang Bo, and Ai Yu, the general manager of China Everbright Limited (an investment fund on the Chinese stock exchange and a leader in this particular sector) have signed the accord constituting the Sino-Italian Film Culture Development Fund.

Authorized by the Chinese government and divided into three installments, the fund has been created to support the making of Italian and Chinese films, promote emerging talent and foster the growth of the Sino-Italian film industry and Sino-European industry, starting with the up-and-coming generations of filmmakers.

"In the marvelous framework of the oldest film festival in the world," said the president of the Shanghai Film Art Academy Jiang Bo," today a concrete project for a collaboration between Italy and China, one devoted to young talent, has been launched. The Shanghai Film Art Academy," Jian Bo continued, "is an important institution that trains the Chinese filmmakers of the future, and we are honored to be able to make a significant contribution to the rising generation of Italian and European directors and share this new and remarkable experience with Italy, Venice and Venice Days."

The creation of the fund is one of the China Film Forum's many activities; promoted by Venice Days for three years now, the China Film Forum goes hand in hand with a lively program of exchanges between Italy and China supported by Italy's Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini, who called for a thorough look at the two film cultures in the Focus Session promoted by MiBACT at Venice this year. In an ageement with Venice Days, the delegation will also be at work on the creation of the Asian Pacific Art Film Festival, a platform for cultural exchanges between Europe and China that over the next five years will be designing film promotion and training initiatives to foster emerging talent in the two industries.
Article by Andrea Guglielmino, Cinecittà News


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