Miu Miu Women's Tales. New Instagram Platform

The Miu Miu Women's Tales short-film series launches a new dedicated Instagram platform. It provides a complimentary, innovative space of expression that further explores an on-going fascination: to critically celebrate femininity in the 21st century.

This new digital activity will start under the creative direction of photographer and multi-media artist Kimi Selfridge, in a unique collaboration with Celia Rowlson-Hall, director of the next Women's Tales commission.

Ever since Zoe Cassavetes playful, enchanting The Powder Room inaugurated the Women's Tales series back in January 2011, twelve further films have elaborated the complexities and contradictions of being female: how do women appear to themselves? To each other? How, ultimately, should a woman be? Directed by the world's most distinctive female filmmakers, each episode has been a self-contained cinematic universe, a statement of sensual intent. Across the oeuvre, alongside noted actresses and models, Miu Miu collections have been like a shifting soundtrack to every filmmaker's auteur freedom. Collectively, these qualities have marked out Women's Tales as a pioneering project, fusing fashion and film in unexpected and exquisite ways.

Kimi Selfridge (aka Tan Camera) has made a name making lo-fi analogue photographs, collages and videos of her musician friends and comrades, such as A$AP Rocky, Charli XCX and Marina Diamandis. Her approach to the new Women's Tales Instagram account will unfold in two parts. "The visual journey begins with a nod to the previous 13 films," says Selfridge, who will produce a one-of-a-kind artwork each time, imbuing her signature elements of chromatic, textured intimacy.

"Then," she continues, "I'll transition into the inspirations, preparations, and creation of the new film in the series." Celia Rowlson-Hall's idea behind the forthcoming 14th commission blends Busby Berkeley-era musical dance with contemporary themes of fear and escapism. Known for her iconic choreography in Girls, her sweet, sad shorts and 2017 feature, Ma, Rowlson-Hall has, according to Selfridge, "an undeniable whimsy and depth to her work.

Previous Women's Tales are: Carmen by Chloë Sevigny; That One Day by Crystal Moselle; Seed by Naomi Kawase; Les 3 Boutons by Agnès Varda; De Djess by Alice Rohrwacher; Somebody by Miranda July; Spark and Light by So Yong Kim; Le Donne della Vucciria by Hiam Abbass; The Door by Ava DuVernay; It's Getting Late by Massy Tadjedin; The Woman Dress by Giada Colagrande; Muta by Lucrecia Martel; and The Powder Room by Zoe Cassavetes.

Celia Rowlson-Hall's new episode for Women's Tales will be premiered at the Venice Film Festival's Giornate degli Autori on August 31st 2017, along with a screening of Carmen by Chloë Sevigny.

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